Welcome to my homepage.

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Link to my business page (Page in German)

  Overview of my interests and experience as a software developer and consultant.

A few words about myself:

I was born in Austria in the beautiful city of Graz, but live in München since 1980. I have many hobbies, such as ballroom dancing - I'm member of the Metropol dance club -, love riding historic trains as well as watching independent (some people say: obscure) movies, but my greatest pleasure is having good food together with delicious wines. For an evening in an outstanding restaurant, I am even willing to sacrifice other favorite activities for this.

I also enjoy ballet (watching, not performing) and British theater plays, and I'm pretty addicted to music (such Goth Metal, Progressive Rock, Baroque, Portuguese Fado, and the like). Finally, I have a strong inclination to everything Japanese (first of all, of course, the food) and manage a Google Group for discussing issues and raising friendship between Japan and Germany (and Austria, of course). You can also find me on language exchange sites such as Lang-8 or HelloTalk.

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