Tsukaeru Doitsugo - my second face as a language teacher

  • No, I'm not talking programming languages this time: Aside from doing software projects, I'm also teaching the German language to foreigners, with a focus on Japanese customers. Have a look at that website to find out, why you should hire me.
  • Tsukaeru Doitsugo (Page in German and Japanese)

使えるドイツ語 - ドイツ語レッスン

  • ドイツ語を習ってみませんか?スカイプの個人レッスンや訪問レッスンもしています!
  • 使えるドイツ語

Yurusarareiki IBUKI

  • Finally, something about my wife's profession. Miyo is not only assisting me when it comes to web page design (HTML, CSS), but, in accordance to the Japanese spirit of balance and harmony, complements this by offering a combination of Spiritual Healing, Reiki and Kinesiology, which is called Yurusara Reiki, and which targets people who fell out of balance, are unhappy with their life, want to relax, or simply are curious what is there outside of the realm of pure science. Find out by yourself by visiting
  • Yurusarareiki IBUKI page in German, English, Japanese

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