A few words about myself:

I was born in Austria in the beautiful city of Graz, but live in München since 1980. I have many hobbies, such as ballroom dancing - I'm member of the Metropol dance club -, love riding historic trains as well as watching independent (some people say: obscure) movies, but my greatest pleasure is having good food together with delicious wines. For an evening in an outstanding restaurant, I am even willing to sacrifice other favorite activities for this.

I also enjoy ballet (watching, not performing) and British theater plays, and I'm pretty addicted to music (such as Goth Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Rock, Baroque, Portuguese Fado, and the like). Finally, I have a strong inclination to everything Japanese (first of all, of course, the food) and I'm helping foreigners to learn German on networks such as Lang-8, LangCorrect or HelloTalk (@ronald6811). I am also active in forums related to programming, foremost Stackoverflow. I'm also a retired Perlmonk.